About Me

Hi there! I'm Michael Distel, currently managing operations at BuildBear Labs, where we're pushing the boundaries of Web3 testing infrastructure. Since settling in Singapore back in 2005, my professional journey has spanned the intricate worlds of technology, finance, business analytics, economics, and the vibrant arena of early-stage startups. I thrive on navigating through the challenges of business operations, guiding startups towards achieving their full potential.

But who am I beyond the professional facade? Well, my interests and passions paint a picture of a multifaceted individual. Travel, especially the unique adventure of kick scooting, holds a special place in my heart. Together with friends, I've explored the length of Japan on a kick scooter, an 1800-kilometer journey that we shared with the world through our Instagram page, Kicking Miles. This adventure, documented on instagram.com/heykickingmiles showcases our love for exploration, adventure, and the bonds formed through shared experiences.

My curiosity and excitement extend far beyond the earth's surface to the vast expanse of space. Rockets and everything related to space captivate my imagination, leading me to marvel at the incredible feats of engineering and science that make space exploration possible. This fascination dovetails with my love for physics, a field that underpins so much of our understanding of the universe and technological advancements.

Moreover, my passion for numbers and finances plays a significant role in both my professional and personal life. The world of finance, with its intricate analysis, strategies, and the thrill of making sense of numbers, is a realm where I find both challenge and satisfaction. It's this combination of interests - from the adrenaline of startup environments and the precision of business operations to the thrill of kick scooting, the wonders of space, the principles of physics, and the dynamics of finance - that defines who I am.

Whether navigating the complexities of the startup world, exploring new terrains on a kick scooter, marveling at the latest rocket launch, delving into the principles of physics, or crunching numbers for financial analysis, my life is a tapestry of diverse passions and pursuits. If you share any of these interests or are simply intrigued by the intersection of technology, adventure, and science, I'd love to connect.

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